Emma Grae is a Scottish writer who has been penning stories for as long as she can remember. She even attempted to write her first novel in primary school—Lily’s Secret, a handwritten, illustrated fantasy about a girl who could talk to horses. Fast forward nearly two decades, after many painstaking late nights honing her craft by writing short stories and poetry, she finally found the courage she needed to write a ‘proper’ novel, be guid tae yer mammy, while studying an at the Oscar Wilde Centre in Dublin, making full use of her unusual experience of working in a nursing home in her late teens. Be guid tae yer mammy was selected for publication by Unbound in January 2019. 

She holds a BA (Hons) degree in English from the University of Strathclyde and an MPhil in Creative Writing from Trinity College Dublin. 

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She now works as a journalist and editor at the London-based media house Jungle Creations, frequently interviewing the likes of exorcists and adult film directors. And when she’s not investigating the bizarre, she’s working on her novels. The first of which, be guid tae yer mammy, was completed in March 2018, soon followed by the YA fantasy she co-authored with American writer Anastasia Arellano, First Snow. She has previously published fiction and poetry in the UK and Ireland in journals including The AtticThe Honest Ulsterman, From Glasgow to Saturn and The Open Mouse.

Until 2019, she published creative writing and journalism under Emma Guinness but has now adopted the surname Grae for the former.